Public and fleet charging to the max

Autocharge.  Automatically puts your mind at ease.

Our Autocharge is a robust and minimalist unit aimed at the fleet, industrial and public market.  Its all metal construction means it can handle the toughest environments, and its modular internals means low maintenance costs and ease of repair.

Available in a range of colours, this unit can also be fully white labelled, without minimum order quantity, to either look understated or jazzy!

Charging made flexible

We don't tie you down to a particular standard.  The Autocharge comes with one or two sockets, and a maximum of 32A 3 Phase per socket.

Simply talk to us about your particular requirements and we can design the perfect solution for you.



Put yourself out there

As with all other charging stations in our range, we make sure you can put your brand out there, right on the unit itself.

Available in a range of colours, the Autocharge can also incorporate your organisation's logo.

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