Electric Car Fleet Charging Station

Basic Charge. Not a basic charger.

Our Basic Charge station has been specifically designed for fleet and free public use.

This cost effective pedestal has many features that make it perfect for outdoor charging, without the fuss of RFID or annual subscription fees.  The simplicity of the charging experience will help your fleet transition to EVs.

Available in a range of colours, this unit can also be fully white labelled to show off your organisation's forward thinking and ridiculously cool nature.

Charging made flexible

We don't tie you down to a particular standard.  The Basic Charge has been designed to offer maximum flexibility in terms of plug standards and power levels.  You could have a J1772 plug at 32A with a Universal Socket at 16A 3 Phase.  You could have two sockets, it doesn't matter. 

Simply talk to us about your particular requirements and we can design the perfect solution for you.


Let there be light

With a built LED light for safe night time charging, the Basic Charge is really the great all rounder.  A robust pedestal means you don't need to worry about mounting the unit.  Simply put it on a small concrete pad and use its in built mounting stand. 




Put yourself out there

As with all other charging stations in our range, we make sure you can put your brand out there, right on the unit itself.

Available in a range of colours, the Basic Charge can also incorporate your organisation's logo.

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