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Accelerate your business into the future:

Get 50% off charging infrastructure costs to power up your EV fleet.

JET Charge will demonstrate how fleets located at commercial building sites can move to a low emissions transport future by adopting a service model approach to EV smart charging that:

• Integrates with the building, end user/duty cycle and grid

• Minimises charging costs through the use of smart charging

• Demonstrates how this may be deployed in future via a services model

The project will nominally run across 2 years including 1-year minimum vehicle operation

Interested parties will receive a tailored proposal that solves their EV charging problem via a monthly or annual subscription that includes hardware, installation, software/reporting, data and maintenance

At the conclusion of the trial, participants will receive a discounted offer to continue with the subscription model or have the hardware removed and the site infrastructure left for a future EV charging application if required.

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