Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Charging

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is one of the most popular plug in electric vehicles in Australia. It boasts a larger electric range than other PHEVs and effortlessly combines electric driving with AWD performance. 


Vehicle information

Electric range:  25 km - 52 km

Capacity:  12 kWh (9.8kWh usable)


Charging information

Plug Standard: Type 1 - J1772 (see plug types for more info)

Maximum AC charge rate: 16 A Single Phase

DC Charging Port:  CHAdeMo

Time to fully recharge (at 16 A single phase):  3.5 hours 


Charging Options


Every Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV comes with a charging cable that can be used to charge the car from a domestic power point. However this will only charge the car at 10 A meaning to completely recharge, the process may take up to 6.5 hours. Unfortunately there is currently no option to purchace a charging station with the car, but that's where JET Charge comes in. 

The Wallpod is a perfect charging station for charging the Outlander PHEV at work or at home. It can offer charge rates of up to 16 A for the Outlander which will charge the cars battery in only 3.5 hours (compared to 6.5 hours from a portable charger). This will ensure the batteries are full every day. 

Check out our Wallpod Page to get more details.


Source a charging station from JET Charge






Next Steps - Installation

JET Charge can source a charging station to suit your needs for any car or location. To have a station installed,  get in contact with us and then steps are as follows:

1.     JET Charge will contact you in the following few days to arrange a survey of the site and a quote for your installation

2.     JET Charge will arrange the supply of any additional hardware if required

3.     One of our qualified installers will visit your home and provide a complete quote. If you are happy with the price, they will carry out the install the same day


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