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A stress-free, super-charged solution to EV home charging

RemServ have partnered with JET Charge to provide a dedicated home charging solution just for you! 

While modern EVs often provide a portable charging cable that you can simply plug into a standard power outlet, they’re considered a secondary charging method due to the length of time required to charge. By using a dedicated home charger, you’re able to charge your EV three to four times faster, allowing you to get more out of your vehicle, more often!  

You’re also able to schedule charging to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates and if you have solar, you can select a model that can utilise your surplus solar. 

So, if you’re ready to take charge of your driving future by switching from petrol to electric, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with RemServ and JET Charge! 

We’ve compiled a list of FAQs for you, scroll down to read.

Things you need to know: This general information doesn’t take your personal circumstances into account. Please consider whether this information is right for you before making a decision and seek professional independent tax or financial advice. Conditions and fees apply, along with credit assessment criteria for lease and loan products. The availability of benefits is subject to your employer’s approval. RemServ may receive commissions in connection with its services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No doubt you’ve got questions – electric vehicles are still new to a lot of us, after all – but we’ve got the answers.

Who is JET Charge?

JET Charge is Australia’s leading end-to-end provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and technologies, on a mission to break down the barriers to EV charging for everyone. JET Charge are charging partners for many of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, leading corporates, and government agencies. JET Charge offers the widest range of EV charging stations and accessories in the country, tested for Australian conditions by their expert engineering team.   

What is the best way to charge my electric vehicle?

A key advantage of electric vehicles is the many charging options available – You can charge on-the-road using Australia’s growing public charging network or at destination points like shopping centres or hotels, but over 80% of Australians primarily charge right from their own home. 

Charging at home is the safest, most convenient option, as you can simply arrive home, plug in and forget. This means you can start each day with a ‘full tank’, ready to hit the road! 

What’s required of me to charge at home?

Firstly, it’s imperative to note that a dedicated home charger requires installation of the unit into your dedicated car space. This means a licenced electrician must connect power between your home switchboard and charger. JET Charge take care of all of this for you, but if you’re renting or in shared housing, you must ensure that you have necessary permissions for us to proceed. 

For a basic home charger setup, you’ll simply require the following hardware: 

• Dedicated Home Charger 
• Type 2 to Type 2 Cable 

What’s the cost of a dedicated home charger?

To compliment your RemServ novated lease, JET Charge have developed a flexible and affordable solution for the home charger as a monthly subscription, with only installation and cable costs required upfront. 

Option 1 – Home Charger Subscription

Option 2 – Home Charger Subscription (Solar Optimisation)

Alternatively, you can purchase the ChargeMate unit outright if preferred.

Option 3 – Outright Purchase

What are the benefits of the Home Charger Subscription over an outright purchase?

JET Charge’s Home Charger Subscription allows you to have a dedicated charger installed at home, whilst minimising the upfront cost of charging via a flexible monthly subscription. 

Whilst under subscription with JET Charge, you have peace of mind knowing your charger is covered by unlimited warranty, all whilst on a flexible subscription with no minimum or maximum terms. 

*If removal is requested in the first 12 months, only then will a $150 cancellation fee apply 
^Whilst under contract with JET Charge 

What Home Charger Does JET Charge provide?

Whether you purchase outright or via our Home Charger Subscription, JET Charge provides the Australian-made ChargeMate unit as your dedicated home charger.  

ChargeMate is a smart, compact and easy-to-use charger, wall-mounted in your garage location and connected to your existing electricity supply to enable fast charging. Rated for charging at both single- and three-phase, with Wi-Fi and a companion mobile app, ChargeMate also offers smart features like remote control and more.  
You can also select a model with Solar Optimisation to utilise your surplus solar. 

What is the upfront installation cost?

Every property is unique. When it comes to the power available onsite and the existing infrastructure, your specific installation will either fall into a standard, or a non-standard installation. 

JET Charge will do everything possible to ensure installation at your property is treated as a standard installation, However, if additional efforts outside of a standard installation are required, JET Charge will need to conduct a site assessment to provide a final quotation. 

What is included in a standard installation?

A standard installation includes as follows:  

– Installation of a JET Charge supplied 7.2KW / 32 AMP Single Phase EV Wall Connector  
– Dedicated circuit approximately 20 Meters of wall/ceiling mounted cable 
– Isolation switch mounted readily accessible to the EV Wall Connector 
– All associated electrical containment and hardware fixings for the installation. 
– Installation of electrical circuit protection in switchboard 
– Installation of Type A RCD at origin of the circuit. Type A RCDs protect against residual DC Current. (As per AS/NZS 3000:2018 Electrical Installation Wiring Rules) 
A standard installation does not involve: 
– Any electrical remedial works to meet current wiring regulations  
– Any groundworks or other civil works  
– Any underfloor work (other than easy under house access)  
– Any hidden or structural location not in the ordinary course of installation  
– Work over two storeys  
– Switchboard upgrades or three phase power upgrades

Will my electric vehicle come with a cable?

Many electric vehicles today either include or have available for purchase a portable charging cable, designed to plug in and charge from any designated power point. These are great for charging in a pinch but not recommended for daily charging requirements due to the significantly slower charge rate. It is recommended you keep these cables in your boot as a back-up option.  
This cable cannot be used in conjunction with your ChargeMate unit. 

What is the upfront charging cable cost?

As part of your home charging solution, you’ll require a cable to connect from your dedicated home charger to the charge port of your electric vehicle. 
This cable is detachable, allowing you to remove and take with you on long journeys to take advantage of the wider public charging network.

What if I want to remove my dedicated home charger?

If you choose to utilise our Home Charger Subscription, your dedicated home charger can still be uninstalled at any time.  
Should you no longer require your dedicated home charger, JET Charge simply requires 20 business days’ written notice. If removal is requested in the first 12 months, a $150 removal fee will apply. 

How is a dedicated home charger installed? 

Installing a charger into your home requires a change to your electrical wiring. JET Charge will need to assess the nature and complexity of each installation prior to the install day. Most installations are ‘standard’, but in rare cases, additional electrical works may be required. 
Once we have all the necessary information, if any additional electrical works are required, we’ll confirm details with you before proceeding with any work.  
Once confirmed, the JET Charge team will contact you to arrange installation on a day that suits you. They will send an SMS reminder 24 hours prior to installation to ensure you’re ready to go! 
On the day, they will install the charger and verify together that everything is working as expected. 

Do I need three-phase electricity at home to install my dedicated home charger? 

No. The ChargeMate is capable of installation at both single- phase and three-phase. 

Can the speed of charging vary? 

The speed of charging of an home charger installed in your home can vary depending on the power available in your home, the on-board charger of your electric vehicle and installation rules in your home state.

Will my charger be able to charge other electric vehicles? 

Absolutely! The ChargeMate can charge any vehicle that has a Type-2 socket. Type-2 is the standard plug type in Australia, and it should support most electric vehicles on the road today.  
All new electric vehicles sold in Australia must have a Type-2 socket.   

Can I install my dedicated home charger outside?

Yes, ChargeMate is rated to be installed indoors and outdoors. 

Is it possible to track the charger through my phone? 

Absolutely! ChargeMate is a smart charger that can remotely connect to the JET Charge Connect app.  
With the JET Charge Connect app, you can start and stop charging session, remotely adjust charging and schedule charging depending on your electricity on-peak or off-peak rates. 

Does it come with a warranty?

ChargeMate chargers utilising our Home Charger Subscription will be under warranty throughout the duration of your subscription.  

ChargeMate’s purchased outright will have a warranty of 3 years. 

How do I install a charger if I am renting? 

If you’re currently renting, speak with your landlord to discuss the process around installation and removal. There will be some benefits to the landlord to consider, as by running the wiring to the garage, it future proofs the property to be EV ready in the future as the wiring itself will not be removed.

What information will I need to provide JET Charge for a quotation? 

To get a thorough understanding of your specific installation requirements, JET Charge works to simply complete a remote assessment via a charging form in order to provide a quotation. This avoids the hassle of arranging someone to physically come to your location to assess.  
They will do their best to confirm if a Standard Domestic Installation can be performed. To complete the remote assessment, they’ll generally require the following images and information: 
– Clear photos of your switchboard and any sub-boards you have at your property, your preferred charger location and the front of your house 
– Approximate distance between the switchboard and the charger  
– Confirm if your garage/charger location is attached or detached from main house  
– Confirm if your property is single or multi-storey