Charging your Renault EV

Renault Australia have partnered with JET Charge to deliver Australia's best charging experience for its customers.

By selecting JET Charge as your installer, you are entrusting your prized Renault electric vehicle to the most experienced specialist EV charging installer in the country.

On this page, we answer some basic questions about Renault's range of electric vehicles, and why you should choose JET Charge as your installation partner.


How fast will my Renault electric vehicle charge?

Renault ZOE can be charged on a 22kW three phase home unit up to approximately 60km of range in 30 minutes, while the KANGOO Z.E. can be charged on a 7.2kW single phase home unit up to approximately 35km of range per hour.

We recommend that all Renault electric vehicle customers install the appropriate home unit to maximise the charge rate your electrical vehicle is capable of.


Charging Your Renault EV

How do I charge my Renault electric vehicle?


At home

Most of your charging will be done at home, so Renault recommends that you purchase a dedicated charging station for your electric vehicle.

Outputting up to 22kW of power, your Renault electric vehicle will charge at up to 120km of range per hour (ZOE) or 35km of range per hour (KANGOO), meaning a comfortable full charge while you sleep.

The Schneider EVlink Wallbox is made by Schneider Electric, the leader in the Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centres, Infrastructure and Industries. Charging stations are specially designed to withstand several hours of use on a daily basis in a tough environment.

Tested to Z.E. ready 1.4b by Renault, this approved unit will ensure a safe and fast charge, every time.


Public Charging - AC

When you're out and about, you will see charging stations available for public use across retailers, restaurants, hotels and car parks.  These are often "Type 2 socket", which is compatible with the Type 2 to Type 2 cable that comes along with your Renault electric vehicle.

Why use JET Charge?

Schneider EVlink Wallbox

Schneider EVlink Wallbox

Charge 3 Times Faster

The Schneider EVlink Wallbox is Z.E. ready as approved by Renault. You can fully utilise the charging capabilities of your Renault ZOE and achieve a full charge in a little less than 3 hours.

JET Charge's unit has been extensively tested by Renault Australia so you can be sure that your electric vehicle will charge first time, every time.

All our technicians are specially trained

All our technicians are specially trained

Australia's best installers

JET Charge have installed more charging stations than any other company in Australia, because that's the only thing we do.  That means when you get a JET Charge technician, they care about your electric vehicle, almost as much as you do.

We're accountable to Renault for every installation, which means you can be sure you'll get a high quality and cost effective solution, every time.

*Overseas model shown - Australian charging station and vehicle may be different

*Overseas model shown - Australian charging station and vehicle may be different

The best advice

JET Charge lives for EV charging, so we can give you the best advice on charging your vehicle, not only at home, but out and about.

We'll give you practical and real advice on what accessories you'll need, how to find your nearest public charging station, and how much it will cost you.