"EV" Language

Once you enter the world of electric vehicles, you will soon realise there are a range of technical terms that get used every day by owners and enthusiasts. To help you keep up, we've listed some of the common ones. 




EV - Electric Vehicle

BEV - Battery Electric Vehicle

PHEV - Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Kilowatt (kW) - Measurement of power (how fast a car is charging).

Kilowatt hour (kWh) - Measurement of energy (how full a car battery is).

EVSE - Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (a.k.a. vehicle chargers).



Trickle Charging - Slow overnight charge when the battery is close to full or the EVSE used can only supply a small amount of power.

Fast Charging - Typical charging from home or public charging stations.

Rapid Charging - Public stations that use DC power to charge you vehicle in a short period. 

Mobile Charging - Charging from a power point directly without the need for an installed EVSE.

AC Charger - An EVSE that outputs alternating current (AC) which is rectified to direct current (DC) within the vehicle. 

DC Charger - An EVSE that outputs direct current which flows directly into the battery. This is faster than AC charging because the DC Charger can rectify more power than the car. 

RFID - The type of card required to access public charging stations.




Type 2

Type 2

type 1

type 1

Refer to the vehicle plug types page to get a better understanding of the different plug standards used with EV's.



Single Phase Power - The most common type of power in most residential households. 

Three Phase Power - More common in industrial areas but can also be found in some residential areas. It is capable of transferring more power (to your electric vehicle) if the vehicle uses a type 2 plug. 

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