Good news! One of the advantages of overcoming the initial cost of an electric vehicle is the dramatically reduced running costs of the car. As EVs do not have an engine, they have significantly less moving parts and hence are less susceptible maintenance costs. On top of this, the cost of electricity to run the car is less than the petrol you would otherwise consume. Prove it to yourself by checking out the calculator below. 



Disclaimer: The figures used for this esimation are based upon manfautuers specifications and your driving profile. The calculation aims to give an approximate figure for the cost of charging your car and should not be taken as a definite number due to a range of unaccountable factors. The figures used for electricity rates are based on the Origin Rate Freeze plan for Victoria (2016). Options for other states and plans will come at a later date.

When will you be charging?

How far on average do you drive per day? km
(An average Australian drives 50km every day)

What car do you drive?

The cost per week to charge your electric car from your own charger is: $


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