Australia’s many charging standards can be a confusing mix for EV owners. With the variety of plug and station types on offer, it pays to know which cables your EV will need to access the full network of Australian charging stations.

We’ve built this online tool to help you identify and source the most useful charging accessories. To use it, simply:

  1. Select your car

  2. Select the charging network you’d like to use

When you’ve selected the right cables for your EV, visit our online store for information on pricing and delivery.

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The cable(s) you need are:

Disclaimer: The location information used in this resource is drawn from the Plugshare website and is current as of 18/09/2017.

A full range of EV charging cables and accessories are available on the JET Charge online store. Check it out below for more information on pricing and delivery.

If you’d like to learn about the plug types found around Australia, visit our Vehicle Plug Types page below: