The future is electric.

With their common use being frequent, short trips, business fleets are ideally situated to reap the benefits of the electric vehicle revolution.  Worry no longer about employees failing to fill up the tank before returning the vehicle - now when they return, simply plug in the electric vehicle to charge and leave it there until the next employee needs it.  When they do, they'll find a vehicle fully charged and ready to go!

All centrally monitored and reported using Chargefox.


AC Charging Hardware

Capable of up to 130km of range per hour of charge, AC charging will compose the majority of your workplace's fleet needs.


DC Charging Hardware

For fleets with more vehicles and shorter turnaround times, a DC charger might be appropriate in conjunction with AC charging.



Why Electric Vehicles for fleets?

Apart from the obvious environmental benefits, electric vehicles bring a host of advantages for fleets:

1. Total Cost of Ownership can already be lower for Australian fleets

2. Cost to fuel is often 1/4 to 1/5 compared to a petrol vehicle

3. Maintenance is often half compared to a petrol vehicle

4. Reduced wear and tear means cars can be kept longer

5. Vehicles can be fueled on site allowing greater expenditure tracking and management

6. Free marketing benefits for the business

7. A much more enjoyable driving experience for drivers

The best way to be convinced is to drive one.  Please contact us if you'd like a test drive of any electric vehicle on the Australian market, and we will make the introductions for you.

Why JET Charge? Experience

JET Charge has deployed more charging stations than any other company in Australia. In particular, we have specialised in helping fleets transition to an electric future. One of the reasons we can offer specialist advice is because we are the preferred installer for 8 vehicle brands in Australia, and have experience with all vehicles on the market.

We bring a holistic approach to our advice:

1. Consultation on vehicle choice and charger compatibility

2. Hardware selection and supply

3. Site assessment and design

4. Installation

5. Commissioning

6. Monitoring and ongoing software support



See everything.

As a fleet, you can maximise the value of your infrastructure investment by connecting to Chargefox.

With Chargefox connected, you can:

1. Track total electricity consumption across the fleet

2. See amount of time spent charging

3. Load share available electrical capacity across a fleet of charging stations, so you don't need to invest in expensive infrastructure upgrades

4. See consumption of electricity on a vehicle level

5. Compare vehicle downtime to other vehicles

6. See system errors on a continuously live basis

Switching to electric vehicles and connecting to Chargefox will give you unprecedented control and insight into your fueling expenditure.