Tesla Model S Charging

With ludicrous acceleration, revolutionary battery life and fully functioning auto pilot, the Tesla Model S is the car that is challenging the way we think about cars. 


Vehicle information

Electric range:  340 km (Model S 60 - EPA) to 507 km (Model S P100D - EPA)



Charging information

Plug Standard: Type 2 - IEC 62196 (see plug types for more info)

Maximum AC charge rate: 24 A 3-Phase (High Power Charger Upgrade)

Time to fully recharge (at 16 A 3-Phase): 6.5 hours (Model S 60) to 9.5 hours (Model S P100D)


Charging Station Options

Every Tesla Model S comes standard with a Tesla Wall Connector so you do not need to worry about finding a charging station. The Tesla unit will be capable of up to 24 A 3-Phase, so even if the car is upgraded you can still use the same charger. The Tesla Wall Connector is sleek and one of the best looking units on the market. However, that this unit is only capable of charging cars produced by Tesla and is not compatible with and other electric vehicles. 

Additionally the car also comes with a Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) which allows the car to charge from different ports while you're on the go. For example it allows charging from a 10 A power point all the way up to 3-Phase sockets which can provide 16 A 3-phase charging (requires additional equipment,  refer to the where to charge page for additional information on 3-Phase socket charging). 

The cost of charging a Tesla Model S will be cheaper than a internal combustion engine car. You can roughly estimate your weekly cost at out cost of charging page.


Obtain your Charger from Tesla






Next Steps - Home Installation

JET Charge are experts in the field of electrical vehicle charger installations. We are the preferred installer for Tesla Australia and our nationwide installer base can install anywhere across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

When you purchase a Model S, the Tesla Wall Connector is included. To have the station installed,  get in contact with us and then steps are as follows:

1.     JET Charge will contact you in the following few days to arrange a survey of the site and a quote for your installation

2.     JET Charge will arrange the supply of any additional hardware if required

3.     One of our qualified installers will visit your home and provide a complete quote. If you are happy with the price, they will carry out the install the same day


Get in contact to organise your Tesla Wall Connector install!

Head over to our home installation page for more information: Home Charger Installation.

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