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An Electric Future, Together.

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From humble beginnings to breakneck speeds

JET Charge was created in 2013 to supply and install Electric Vehicle Chargers to support and accelerate the growth of EV sales in Australia. From a humble beginning of installing EV Chargers for Tesla owners in Victoria, JET Charge has grown to be Australia’s market leader with a growing presence in New Zealand. With a team of 170 people (and counting!), we offer the full vertical in EV Charging, including:

  • EV Charging cords and accessory sales
  • Home charger supply and installation
  • Small medium and large commercial installation of chargers
  • Strategy consulting for apartments, shopping centres and car parks
  • Maintenance and warranty support
  • Software and hardware development
  • Private EV charging infrastructure as a service

World leading energy management

JET Charge is leading the way in developing tools to help integrate EV charging into the electricity grid, from energy management, to smart charging, to electricity grid transforming demand response and vehicle to grid.

All of our software work is done in Australia, for Australian consumers and companies. We’re passionate about developing the skills locally that will be required to transition Australia into a low emissions future.

We believe we can show the world how to integrate EV charging infrastructure assets into a rapidly de-carbonising grid, through a mixture of best practice industry collaboration and world class technology.

We believe in an ambitious Australia – one that will find its place in a low emissions transport world.

Committed to a Sustainable Future

We are passionate about decarbonising the transport sector to make a real contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions in Australia and New Zealand. That has been our major focus since we started in 2013, and will continue to drive us into the future.

However, for 2022 and beyond, we are committed to extend our sustainability reach with real action in a broad range of areas:

  • Consolidating and Formalising our Sustainability and
    Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
  • Establishing our new Port Melbourne office as an example of sustainability in action
  • Improving our recycling of end-of-life Electric Vehicle chargers and components
  • Forging community partnerships that will make a difference to the communities where we operate
We’ve brought Australia’s most trusted electricians together to create the JET Charge network. From home chargers to scalable business solutions, we’ve got the best equipped and most experienced team in the country. That’s why we’ve been recognised as Australia’s recommended EV charging partner for automakers including:

We create technologies to make EV charging easier and more accessible

Widespread EV adoption requires sophisticated power management from public and private electric infrastructure. We offer solutions to manage electrical load across apartments, businesses and fleet charging.
Smart charging infrastructure is essential for supporting the next generation of Australian EVs. The Chargemate is optimised for compatibility and flexibility, delivering hardware for use with any EV or OCPP-compliant software.
Paymate is a patented credit payment system developed by JET Charge right here in Melbourne. It works with any OCPP compliant hardware and software that allows users to pay for EV charging instantly via PayWave without needing to use, for instance, the Chargefox app.

Bringing it all together

EVs are becoming essential to a wide range of businesses far beyond the automotive industry.

Our mission is to streamline that explosive growth and spread the word about new technology as it develops.

We’ve built a full suite of online resources to make it happen. Our website includes dedicated tools, essential EV info, and our regularly updated blog — all to help people understand EVs and make the right choices in their transition to this exciting new technology.

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We fight for a sustainable future

That’s why we are a member of these organisations, so that we can accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.