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EV Charging for Apartment Residents 

Are you looking to charge your EV but live in an apartment? It’s a bit tricky to set up, but if we’ve already worked with your Owners’ Corporation (OC), we’ll be able to help! If not, we can help jumpstart the conversation with your OC to get your Building EV Ready. 

To make your Building EV Ready, we recommend that a building-wide EV charging system with load management and billing for electricity usage is implemented. We’ll need to work with your OC to establish this setup before we can install a private charger for you. 

Are you a representative of an Owners’ Corporation?

Visit our Owners’ Corporation page for more details.

Why charge my EV in my private car space with JET Charge?

Whether it’s convenience, speed or future-proofing, discover the compelling reasons why installing a dedicated charger in your apartment car space is the ultimate choice for powering up your EV. Step into tomorrow and charge up today!


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Speed and Convenience

Charge up to 3x faster with accelerated charging, without the charging station detours.

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Increase the value of your apartment with EV charging access.

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⁠Our professional electricians are fast, respectful, and always tidy.

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Enjoy a safe and reliable charging experience, assured by professional installation.

How does it work?

1. Get started
Fill in the form below and select your building to receive information on how to proceed with EV charging.
2. Site Visit
Depending on your building, a site visit may be required to finalise the requirements and price for your EV charger installation.
3. Get a quote
Once the costs have been calculated you will receive a quote for your EV charger installation.
5. Installation
Once you’ve accepted your quote your installation will be scheduled and completed.
5. Ready, set, charge!
With your installation complete, you can begin charging your EV!
1. Get started
Fill in the form below and select ‘none of the above’ to receive information on how to proceed with EV charging at your building.
2. Connect with your OC
We’ll equip you with essential information to take to your OC to initiate discussions on EV charging.
3. OC contacts Us
Once engaged, encourage your OC to reach out to us. From this point forward, decision-making lies with the OC. We’ll work closely with them to get the building setup as quickly as possible to support you!

Understanding EV Charging in Apartments Series

Check out our blog series all about EV charging solutions for apartments. Learn about how advanced load management systems, efficient billing solutions, and top EV charger options can meet the needs of today’s residential complexes.



How do I know if JET Charge Manages my Building: 

If we’ve already worked with your OC on an EV charging solution for your Building, your Building and Address will be shown in the ‘Building Name and Address’ dropdown in the form below. If you have any questions about arrangements for EV charging in your Building, it’s best to first ask your OC. 

Can I get a charger for my private car space?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of EV charger options suitable for private EV charging needs.  

What type of EV charger do I need?

In an apartment setting, a level 2 AC charger is ideal. These chargers come in single phase (up to 7.4kW) or 3-phase (up to 22kW). Single phase chargers are perfect for apartment car spaces, allowing regular overnight charging. tMost EV owners typically require  only need 1 – 2 hours of charge at 7kW each night to keep their vehicle topped up. 
Additionally, we recommend opting for a smart charger. Smart chargers offer internet connectivity and can integrate with load management and billing software platforms, which is essential for scalable EV charging solutions in apartments. 

Do I need OC approval to install my charger?

Yes, almost always. Since the cabling installation to your car space typically occurs on common property, installing an EV charger counts as a modification to common property, requiring OC approval. 

Can I connect my charger to my own electrical meter? 

It all depends on your building’s set up and what the Owners’ Corporation has in mind for EV charging. Generally, plugging into your private meter is not recommended if we’re aiming for a scalable, fair, and long-term EV Charging solution for everyone in the building. Smaller buildings might be a chance if the OC decides to invest in a load management system. We do not recommend connecting EV chargers to private electrical meters.

Why can’t I connect my charger to my own electrical meter? 

The challenge often lies in the impractical locations of private electrical meters for EV charger connections, making it unfeasible to run cables down to the car park. Plus, granting EV charging access to one resident means fairness dictates it should be available to all who need it, which can strain the building’s electrical supply. An EV charger can demand as much power as an entire apartment, potentially surpassing the available power for the building. That’s why a load management system becomes crucial – it helps control the power within safe limits for the building electrical system.

What is a load management system?

Think of it as the brain behind efficient EV charging in your building. A load management system keeps an eye on available power and calculates a safe amount to allocate to EV charging. It adjusts the power to EV chargers based on what’s available. For instance, during peak demand hours (let’s say, 6pm to 10pm), it might dial down the power to EV chargers. But as demand decreases after 10pm, it ramps back up. And if there’s no spare power available, it can even temporarily suspend charging altogether. In a nutshell, it’s all about smartly managing the power flow for optimal EV charging. 

If I can’t connect my charger to my own electrical meter, where do I connect it? 

The next best option is the common power of the building. Usually, dedicated EV charging infrastructure must be connected from the building’s common power for EV charging purposes. 

Who pays for the electricity used through my charger if it’s connected to the building common power? 

Initially it’s covered by the Owners’ Corporation (OC) since they handle bills for all common electricity usage at the building. However, this is where we bring in another essential technology for apartment EV charging – a Billing Software Platform. 

What’s a Billing Software Platform? 

A billing software platform tracks the electricity usage from an EV charger, allowing the owner to cover the associated costs. EV owners can sign up to an account with a billing software platform provider and connect their credit card to this account. The software then tracks the monthly electricity consumption at their charger and bills them accordingly, either through direct debit or an invoice. The software provider then collects these payments from all owners and forwards the total to the OC, ensuring that the OC is fully compensated for any additional consumption costs due to EV charging. 

Who do I contact for help?

In case of any questions, contact our customer care team at info@jetcharge.com.au or 1300 856 328.

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