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Introducing JET Charge ChargeMate, the AC smart charger developed from the ground up in Australia by our own JET Charge team. Responding to the needs of our customers, ChargeMate is an OCPP compliant charger that delivers value for money whilst featuring ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ to ensure whether you are a utility or corporate provider, a residential or commercial owner, ChargeMate’s highly flexible feature set, robust build quality and technology innovation can meet the demands of your charging needs.

ChargeMate is available in a range of configurable models including 7/22kW AC, wall or pedelstal mount, integrated NMI pattern approved meter, integrated 4G modem and custom skin options for corporate or OEM’s.


Flexible Enclosure
The hardware behind Chargemate can be built into a range of enclosures for aesthetic and practical flexibility.
Variable Charge Rate
Charging rates can be set and adapted to meet your requirements.
A networked smart charger with full OCPP compliance. Compatible with Chargefox and industry standard software worldwide.
User Experience
Features a LCD screen with live charging status display.
Universal Charging
Chargemate’s Type 2 socket is compatible with all EVs sold in Australia via lead or adapter.
Solar Aware
The charge rate changes with the electricity generated by the solar panel. *Addition hardware is required for solar functionality.
NMI Metering Support
The ChargeMate can be retrofitted with an NMI meter for billing purposes.
Premium Connectivity
Agile connections including ethernet, Wi-Fi, RFID, Modbus. Optional integrated 4g.
All Weather Protection
Robust Australian design & build to meet the rigours of outdoor installation.



Contact JET Charge today for more information about customising your ChargeMate unit/s to suit your needs.

Thanks to the principles of adaptability and flexibility that guide our research and development team, we’re confident that ChargeMate can be optimised for any EV charging application.

JET Charge Connect App

Recently got your hands on a ChargeMate and wondering how the JET Charge Connect App works? To help you navigate the electric features of your new ChargeMate, we’ve put together an exclusive video series just for you!


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