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A maintenance plan for EV charging

Starting February 14, 2024, having a maintenance plan is essential for your public EV charging station on Chargefox.

As Australia’s leading EV charging team and co-founders of Chargefox, we provide unmatched support and expertise to our site hosts.

From hardware to software, connectivity to firmware, and electrical needs, JET Charge has you covered with our in-house expertise.


Top Brands

Partnering with leading brands like Kempower, Tritium, Schneider, ABB, and Autel.


Expert maintenance management team with a dedicated ticketing system for EV charging.

24/7 Support

(Coming Soon) around-the-clock support tailored to site hosts for ultimate peace of mind.


Extensive network of trained technicians nationwide.

Safety first

ISO45001 certified for Occupational Health and Safety, ensuring safety is our priority on every job.

What does Chargefox require for maintenance?

JET Charge offers a comprehensive service meeting all of Chargefox’s requirements, including working alongside you in communicating with the Chargefox team.


Rapid Response to Faults

Ensure your station stays on the Chargefox platform by fixing faults promptly with JET Charge’s support.

Mandatory Maintenance Requirements

Have a maintenance plan for your chargers and share it with Chargefox during onboarding. JET Charge’s approved contracts are ready to go!

Preventative Maintenance Compliance

Stay compliant with annual maintenance checks using JET Charge’s accepted checklists.

Emergency Fault Response

Count on JET Charge for prompt assistance in emergency fault situations, prioritising safety.

Communication with Chargefox

Need help talking to Chargefox? We’ve got your back, no matter where you are in the country!

Supported Hardware Compliance

Equip chargers from the Chargefox supported hardware list. JET Charge ensures the right stations are onboarded and assists with hardware validation.

How can we help you maintain your chargers?

Ready to upgrade your chargers?

If your charging station has been in operation past its warranty period, now might be the perfect time to switch to a new charger for improved performance.

Since all the wiring is already in place, the replacement process will be straightforward and budget-friendly.

Plus, with our Charging as a Service offering, JET Charge can allow you to avoid a large upfront payment.

We’re excited to offer you an extensive range of charging options, check out a glimpse of what we have available below!

AC Charging

DC Charging

EVLink Pro AC
By Schneider
An electric vehicle charging station, Maxi AC Wallbox by Autel, on an orange background. Best home EV charger in Australia.
MaxiCharger AC Wallbox
by Autel (Coming Soon)
Kempower Power Unit
by Kempower
by Tritium

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Unlocking your maintenance plan in 5 simple steps:

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2. Choose your Service
Select the level of service you prefer and specify the sites you want covered.
3. Sign the Contract
Agree on pricing and sign the contract, which JET Charge will send to Chargefox.
4. Onboarding
Receive onboarding and training materials from us. Confirm your consent to nominate us as your primary contact with Chargefox.
5. Ready, set, charge!
Sit back and relax as your charging station works its magic!


Do EV chargers need servicing?

Absolutely! Just like any electrical equipment, especially those in public spaces, EV chargers require servicing to keep them running smoothly. Since EV chargers often see frequent use throughout the day, having a skilled technician regularly service them is essential. Plus, Chargefox mandates a maintenance plan, ensuring that public charging stations receive at least annual maintenance to keep them in top shape.

How often should EV charging stations be inspected?

Following the AS3000 wiring rules, it’s recommended that public-facing EV charging stations undergo inspection annually. For sites with heavy usage, JET Charge recommends servicing twice a year or even more frequently. We also provide quarterly maintenance plans for specific clients.

What is the maintenance on EV chargers?

It’s important to make sure your technician is well-versed in servicing EV charging stations, with expertise in both AC and DC charging procedures. Moreover, servicing an EV charger involves understanding on-site load management hardware, electrical components, switchboard inspections, and thorough testing to ensure seamless operation with Chargefox or any other CPO software. At JET Charge, we follow our internal checklist and adhere to manufacturer guidelines.

Do EV chargers need annual maintenance?

Absolutely! We suggest conducting annual inspections for all publicly accessible charging stations. In addition to regular electrical equipment checks, it’s important to ensure that public charging stations are in optimal condition and functioning properly. After all, we’re all working towards a greater shift to an EV world, and having more operational charging stations means accelerating our journey towards that goal!

How often do EV chargers fail?

In an ideal scenario, purpose-built charging stations should rarely encounter failures when used correctly. However, various factors, such as user errors, hardware glitches, connectivity issues, or site restrictions, can sometimes make EV charging seem more complicated than it should be. With careful equipment selection and a solid maintenance plan in place, we aim for a high rate of success from the first plug-in attempt. Our goal is to achieve a world where the failure rates of EV charging stations are as minimal as those of traditional petrol pumps. Let’s work together to get there!

Do EV chargers need to be tested?

Definitely! EV chargers should be tested thoroughly before installation to minimise potential issues once they’re operational. Regular maintenance includes testing to ensure proper operation of charging stations.

Do chargers require a lot of maintenance?

Compared to other public-facing electrical equipment, EV charging doesn’t demand more frequent maintenance. Nonetheless, sticking to a regular maintenance schedule will boost uptime and performance.

Why do EV chargers fail so often?

Older charging stations in Australia are reaching the end of their lifespan, leading to increased failures, especially with increased EV usage. However, newer stations are much more reliable, as seen with the Tesla Supercharger network. To maintain reliability, a solid maintenance plan is crucial. We think a world of highly reliable EV charging stations is already here, and we can work together to ensure it stays that way.

How long will my EV charger last?

The lifespan of your EV charger varies depending on usage. Typically, it’s estimated based on how often it’s used rather than the years in operation. On average, you can anticipate about 5 years of useful life from your EV charger. Regular maintenance can extend its lifespan even further.

Are EV chargers reliable?

Absolutely! The latest generation of EV charging stations we’re installing are far more reliable than their predecessors. With proper maintenance, EV charging stations can be just as dependable as traditional petrol pumps.

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