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Advancing the electric vehicle revolution with emerging technologies and charging solutions

Quality charging infrastructure is the key to an easy and efficient charge for your EV. JET Charge are developing hardware tailored for Australian drivers’ needs and national requirements.

JET Charge CORE: Dynamic Load Management System

A whole-building dynamic EV load management system allows charging networks to be expanded without costly electrical infrastructure upgrades. The JET Charge LMS can be integrated with buildings’ SCADA systems, BMS, or EMS for data acquisition. It’s fully OCPP compliant for maximum flexibility in hardware and software selection. Offering EV charging in your buildings doesn’t have to mean tying yourself to one provider.


Smart charging infrastructure is essential for supporting the next generation of Australian EVs. The ChargeMate is optimised for compatibility and flexibility, delivering hardware for use with any EV or OCPP-compliant software. Its compact and robust design make it ideal as a home, work, or apartment charging solution with the aesthetic flexibility to adapt to your needs.


PayMate is a patented credit payment system developed by JET Charge right here in Melbourne. It works with any OCPP compliant hardware and software that allows users to pay for EV charging instantly via PayWave without needing to use, for instance, the Chargefox app.

Vehicle to grid

Vehicle to grid goes by a variety of names: V2G, vehicle-to-home, bi-directional charging. These may mean slightly different things for specific contexts, but the idea itself is very simple: in addition to charging your electric vehicle, a charging station can be used to draw electricity from your vehicle’s battery to supply your home or even export to the grid. Essentially, charge can go in or out of your vehicle depending on where it’s needed most.

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Our solutions have been deployed Australia-wide, across fleets, public spaces and domestic use

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