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EV Fleet Charging Solutions for Team Global Express

JET Charge has partnered with Team Global Express to pioneer Australia’s first electric vehicle depot of the future, providing an innovative EV fleet charging solutions tailored to meet the needs of modern logistics and transportation.

Project: Electric truck depot in Bungarribee, Western Sydney

Project Summary

JET Charge, Australia’s leading EV charging infrastructure and technology company, partnered with freight company Team Global Express to provide innovative charging solutions for one of the world’s largest fleets of electric delivery vehicles.

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Client – Team Global Express

Team Global Express is one of Australia’s leading logistics solutions companies, offering freight, eCommerce and business solutions. Their multimodal network uses trucks, ships, aircraft and rail to offer unparalleled scale, reach and speed across Australia and New Zealand.

What sets Team Global Express apart is their commitment to transforming their company and the broader logistics sector, with a vision to be the most sustainable transport and logistics solutions provider in Australia and New Zealand. Moving away from a high-emissions delivery vehicle fleet is crucial to this vision.

“JET Charge’s dedication to conceptual design, energy management, and advanced technological integration has been instrumental in realising this vision. We believe this project serves as a shining example for others to follow, marking a significant step towards a greener, electric future.”

Tim Washington, JET Charge CEO and Co-Founder

Challenges in Implementing EV Fleet Charging Solutions

The journey to electrify Australia’s trucks

Heavy transport represents 17% of all emissions in Australia, and fleet electrification is still in its infancy here.

The rollout also came with several specific challenges:


Meet various requirements
For starters, TGE’s fleet included multiple vehicle types, all operating simultaneously. This necessitated a tailored charging solution that would meet the various vehicle requirements.
Physical constraints
The physical charging areas were also a long way from TGE’s main switchboard, which usually necessitates higher installation costs
Tarrif work arounds
We had to work around time-of-use energy tariffs, which would penalise TGE for charging their vehicles at peak times during the day.

Solution & Implementation of EV Fleet Charging Solutions

Rolling out Australia’s biggest logistics transition project

JET Charge was involved in various stages of the project, including concept design and planning, charger supply, fit-off commissioning, maintenance and dashboard monitoring.

Heavy transport represents 17% of all emissions in Australia, and fleet electrification is still in its infancy here.

Underpinning the design was JET Charge’s advanced energy management system, JET Charge Core, which allowed TGE to use existing electrical infrastructure, without the need for a new high voltage connection. 

There were other benefits, too. By using JET Charge Core, we were able to design a tailored charging system for TGE’s specific fleet mix. We also fed part of the system through a mechanical switchboard: this solved the physical distance issue, and reduced overall installation costs. 

TGE needed reliable charging to guarantee business continuity. By selecting best-in-market products, and including a preventative maintenance plan, we designed a system with the right balance of redundancy. The site design also included modelling to ensure vehicles could be charged overnight, which helped avoid those peak tariff windows. Ultimately, we were able to deliver the project on scope, on time and on budget. 

“Now we know what large-scale fleet transition can look like, we can replicate this for other clients, whether they’re after front-to-back commercial charging services, or more specific tailored solutions. Pardon my swearing, but this project is s*** hot, and we can’t wait to do it again.”

Alex Bowler, JET Charge Sector Lead of Bus and Heavy Vehicles.


The electric vehicle depot of the future

Recognised as the biggest logistics transition project within the country, this project sets new standards for the transport industry and showcases a huge leap in infrastructure capability.

The ground-breaking collaboration acts as a ‘north star’ project for the entire logistics industry, illuminating the path to the greener, cleaner future of fleet transformation


The technical stuff

The pioneering design approach combines both AC and DC charging systems, serving as a model for future projects. JET Charge provided:


47 x JET Charge AC Chargemate units
Equipped with pedestals, all manufactured in Australia.
2 x ChargeMates
In the workshop to get R&M vehicles ready for operations.
2 x 400kW Kempower DC chargers
Each with 8 x CCS2 charging satellites for rapid charging.

Whether you’re after front-to-back commercial charging services, or more specific tailored solutions, our team of knowledgeable and passionate charging experts can help. 


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