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Fleet EV Charging Solutions for Employee Homes

Take charge of your EV fleet with JET Charge+, our flexible fleet EV charging subscription pack from Australia’s leading EV infrastructure provider.

Fleet EV Charging at Home

Why Choose JET Charge for Fleet EV Charging?

Transitioning your fleet to EVs can be challenging, especially when keeping multiple cars fully charged while they are garaged at employees’ homes. JET Charge+ is a one-stop fleet EV charging subscription service, covering all your charging needs with a single monthly payment. Enable efficient home charging for your employees with JET Charge+.

Electrify your fleet faster

We install EV chargers safely and efficiently, allowing you to quickly ramp up your fleet. With 10 years’ experience in residential EV charging deployment, you can sleep easy knowing your fleet is well looked after.

Scales with your business

With most Australian businesses experiencing 10% employee turnover​ and 40% of employees moving home every five years​, Charge+ allows you to add, remove or relocate EV chargers as needed.

Charging made simple

JET Charge will install, monitor, operate and maintain all your charging infrastructure at a subsidised price with the support of the Australian Government. So you can stay focused on actually running your business.  

Your Custom Charging Solution

Fleet EV Charging Success Stories with JET Charge+

Explore our collection of case studies to see how we’ve helped clients overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results. Each story highlights our innovative strategies, tailored solutions, and the tangible impact of our work. Discover how we can drive your success too.


JET Charge revolutionises OfficeMax’s fleet with hassle-free charging infrastructure
Team Global Express
JET Charge and Team Global Express pioneer Australian-first electric vehicle depot of the future.
Woolworths North Parramatta
JET Charge and Woolworths launch game-changing EV charging initiative  

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Benefits of Fleet EV Charging at Employee Homes


​​JET Charge is ISO 45001 certified and o​ur EV chargers are RCM-compliant and installed by qualified experts. Each one comes with a Certificate of Electrical Safety. ​We’ve been doing this work for 10 years – longer than any other company in Australia. ​


Instead of an up-front installation cost, Charge+ uses a monthly subscription that scales with your business​, which can be tailored to fit your unique business needs​. It’s a more flexible way to charge.


​​Thanks to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, for a limited time JET Charge ​is offering ​subsidised subscriptions for all Australian EV fleets​.​


Every Charge+ pack comes with a​n ongoing warranty for the duration of the subscription.​​​​​ It’s an affordable way to get enterprise-level infrastructure at ​employee ​home​s​​ – and the support you​​r business​​ need​​s​​ to stay fully charged.​


JET Charge will handle the warehousing, depreciation, asset management and maintenance of your chargers wherever they’re installed​. Regular software updates will help to protect against obsolescence. ​


Need to hit sustainability targets? As part of our monthly reimbursement report, you’ll receive comprehensive carbon abatement data​, making it easier to measure your impact.​

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Apply for JET Charge+

Apply for JET Charge+ bundle directly and and receive a comprehensive quote tailored to your charging needs. Thanks to our subsidised fleet EV charging subscription model, you can seamlessly integrate JET Charge+ into your existing monthly lease payments. One price. One subscription. One end-to-end fleet EV charging solution.

What’s Included in Your Fleet EV Charging Charge+ Bundle?

Fleet electric vehicle charging at home.


Charger & Install

A smart, connected EV charger, cable and standard residential installation.


4G internet connectivity allows JET Charge to monitor charger usage, reimbursement and maintenance effortlessly.


Help ensure that fleet EV chargers are only being used for business related activities.


Keep employee reimbursement simple with a comprehensive monthly usage report.


JET Charge’s warranty covers the entire life of the charger while under subscription.

How JET Charge+ Fleet EV Charging works

1. Pre-installation
JET Charge checks homes for charger suitability and customises a quote based on your needs.
2. Installation
Once approved, we set a date for installation. Our friendly installers ensure safety and install your chargers.
3. Onboarding
Employees receive thorough training and safety tips during installation, along with a Certificate of Electrical Safety.
4. Ongoing Support
Monthly invoices and reports for easy reimbursement. Our chargers also include a lifetime warranty, with maintenance and troubleshooting covered by us.

Subsidised EV Charging for the First Australian Fleets 

Thanks to our partnership with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), JET Charge offers subsidised charging services for Australian EV fleets, providing a 30% discount for the first EV fleets to transition. With this subsidised monthly subscription, EVs can easily outperform existing refuelling programs. In other words, it pays to take charge!



Why Choose JET Charge for Fleet EV Home Charging?

Fleet manager siting on side of an electric vehicle while it is being charged.

Learn more about our commercial EV charging solutions and how we can complement your fleet EV charging strategy.


Founded in 2013, JET Charge has installed almost 10,000 EV chargers in homes and businesses all over Australia.


​With over a decade of experience, w​e’re the preferred charging partner for most OEMs, FMOs and large corporate fleets.


As one of Australia’s leaders in EV charging infrastructure, Charge+ is backed by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).


We are ISO 45001 certified. Our professional electricians are fast, respectful, and always tidy.

Father playing with kid while EV is being charged using Fleet EV charging solution.

Your Custom Charging Solution

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