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With great power comes great sustainability

How we see impact at JET Charge

For over 10 years, we have helped accelerate Australia and New Zealand’s transition to electric vehicles (EVs) by designing, rolling out and managing more best-in-class EV charging infrastructure than any other company. That’s 12,000 stations and counting.

Australia and New Zealand have all the makings of clean energy, low-carbon powerhouses, and at JET Charge, we want to realise that potential by breaking down the barriers to charging. It’s our mission to create, deploy and manage state-of-the-art EV infrastructure – for corporations, individuals, and everyone in between. 


Sustainability at a glance

tCO2e of emission reductions in 2023
kgCO2e average reduction per home installation
chargers installed since our inception

Record emission reductions

In FY23, we averaged a reduction of 779 kgCO2e per residential charger installed. That’s the equivalent to the emissions produced by a person flying from Melbourne to Hobart and back. And that’s not even counting all the commercial infrastructure that we’ve rolled out. This number will only increase with the influx of renewable energy onto the grid.

Looking to the future

Our plan for FY24 is to move JET Charge’s on-site energy consumption to 100% renewable power across all our offices (our Melbourne HQ is already 100% renewable). We also offer free EV charging for all employees. This will help reduce our overall business footprint.

Waste not want not

Last year, recyclable cardboard represented about 50% of all our operational waste. We also swapped our packing materials for biodegradable solutions, and diverted 750kg of e-waste from landfill.

Measuring our impact

Working towards a low-emissions future is one thing. But we want to make sure our own house is in order, too.

Each year, we measure our Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions and detail them in our Environmental Impact Report. Like many businesses, our emissions grow alongside our business activities and workforce, which can be a challenge. How do you keep your impact big, and your footprint small?

Some of the ways we’re reducing our carbon footprint include installing on-site solar panels at our head office, calculating the emissions our products have helped avoid, and limiting our business travel to only what’s necessary.

Sustainability in action

We’re constantly looking for ways to shrink our impact on the environment

Some examples include:

  • Designing our AC charger in a modular style to ensure longevity, so only the outdated components need to be replaced when technology inevitably advances.
  • Working closely with our suppliers to cut down on materials, packaging and waste wherever possible.
  • Our JET Charge+ Charging-as-a-Service model, which can be applied at scale to commercial premises and employee homes. Chargers are managed and maintained by JET Charge, with a focus on redeployment when they’re no longer required. This contributes to the circular economy and produces less waste.
  • With the help of our new rooftop solar panels, we’re switching to 100% renewable electricity for all of our on-site energy in FY24. This will reduce the impact of our accelerated business activities, while continuing to provide free EV charging for our employees.

Helping others lead the charge

Being a sustainable business is great, but do you know what’s even better? Helping our clients and partners hit their own sustainability targets. Check out our case studies below for more information on how JET Charge can change your business for good.
Case studies

We fight for a sustainable future

That’s why we are a member of these organisations, so that we can accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


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