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EV Fleet Charging Solutions for OfficeMax

By providing reliable, hassle-free charging solutions, JET Charge helps OfficeMax efficiently manage their electric vehicle fleet, ensuring seamless and sustainable operations. Discover how JET Charge+ allows employees to charge their corporate cars overnight and enables the company to easily manage reimbursement and carbon abatement data for their electric vehicle fleet.

Project: OfficeMax, New Zealand

A hand reaching out to unplug an EV charger from it's charging station

Project Summary

JET Charge partnered with New Zealand workplace supply company, OfficeMax, to provide an innovative charging solution for their electric-powered vehicle fleet. JET Charge+, allowing employees to charge their corporate cars overnight, and the company to easily manage reimbursement and carbon abatement data.

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Client – OfficeMax

Beginning as a stationery company in 1872, OfficeMax is one of New Zealand’s leading office solution organisations, supplying everything from technology and furniture to commercial PPE, packaging and cleaning products.  

In line with their overarching 2025 Sustainability Strategy, the company wanted to gradually phase out its fleet of 105 petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles, replacing them with a mix of low-emission EVs and hybrid models.  

Challenges in Implementing EV Fleet Charging Solutions

Electrifying fleet vehicles

The biggest challenge facing OfficeMax was managing charging infrastructure at employees’ homes overnight. The company wanted a simple solution, similar to traditional fuel card systems, that would allow for easy reimbursement, ensure asset visibility at employees’ homes, and maintain operational chargers. OfficeMax also needed easy access to carbon abatement reporting to meet their sustainability targets. 

Man wearing black vest approaching a house for an EV installation

Solution & Implementation of EV Fleet Charging Solutions

An industry-first charging subscription service, JET Charge+.

This solution would give OfficeMax state-of-the-art charging capabilities within employees’ homes, as well as the flexibility to scale operations as more EVs came online.

Having installed over 10,000 residential chargers since 2013, JET Charge was able to develop a tailored subscription bundle that addressed the cost and complexity of OfficeMax’s charging infrastructure. JET Charge+ for employee homes includes a smart EV charger and standard installation, driver authentication to ensure the chargers are used exclusively for business purposes, 4G cellular connectivity for streamlined reporting and reimbursement, and an NMI Meter for 99% accurate energy billing.

“OfficeMax is walking the walk when it comes to bolstering their green credentials and leading the corporate climate transition. We were thrilled to deliver our fully scalable JETCharge+ solution to align with their sustainability ambitions, simplify the operational side of things, and save them money in the long term.”

Jacques Le Roux, JET Charge Sector Lead – Fleet Management Operator 


Fleet management of the future

In May 2023, our team installed the first five JET Charge+ units. RFID technology within the charging units allowed for the tracking of individual power consumption, with a monthly usage report automatically sent back to OfficeMax.

JET Charge+ scales easily with a fleet of growth and workforce changes, redeploying chargers at no cost. It supports OfficeMax’s Sustainability Strategy, aiming for 50% fleet emission reduction by 2025, providing EV viability and affordability in commercial fleets. As OfficeMax scales up their EV fleet over the next few years, JET Charge is standing by to install, monitor and maintain the necessary charging infrastructure to keep the wheels turning.


A man wearing a white button up shirt plugging in his EV to charge in his driveway

The technical stuff

As part of OfficeMax’s commercial fleet overhaul, JET Charge+ includes: 

Smart EV chargers
Standard home installation
Driver authentication
4G Cellular connectivity
Ongoing warranty
Energy usage reports


Whether you’re after front-to-back commercial charging services, or more specific tailored solutions, our team of knowledgeable and passionate charging experts can help. 


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