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Understanding EV Charging in Apartments: Load Management Systems

19 June 2024

Are you considering integrating electric vehicle (EV) charging into your apartment building? If so, you’ve likely come across the term ‘EV Charging Load Management System.’ But what exactly is it, and why is it crucial for enabling EV charging in apartments? In this blog post, we’ll unpack this essential component and explore how it ensures seamless EV charging for your building while maintaining electrical safety and efficiency.  

The Challenge: Electrical Capacity 

First things first: electric vehicle chargers can significantly increase the power draw on your building. In fact, a single EV charger can consume as much power as an entire apartment unit. This can pose a challenge, especially in older buildings where the electrical supply may not have been designed to accommodate the spare capacity needed for multiple EV chargers. 

The risk? Exceeding the building’s electrical capacity, which can lead to power outages and disruptions for residents. This limitation makes it tricky to implement a fair EV charging solution for all residents. However, this is where EV Charging Load Management System steps in. 

Enter Load Management Systems: JET Charge CORE 

Load Management Systems are designed to tackle this challenge head-on by constantly monitoring the available spare power in your building and based on real-time data, dynamically adjust the power consumption of EV chargers based on the current load.  

AT JET Charge, our proprietary Load Management System, JET Charge CORE acts as the brains of the EV charging solution in apartments. When demand for power in the building is high, CORE instructs the chargers to throttle down, preventing power overloads. Conversely, during periods of lower demand, it allows chargers to draw more power, optimising the charging process.  

By intelligently controlling EV chargers, CORE ensures both efficiency and electrical safety within your building. It’s smart management capabilities also enable the queuing and rotation of EV charging, optimising power allocation. This means that even if one vehicle is fully charged, the available power can be relocated, allowing up to five times as many vehicles to charge simultaneously on the same power supply – a significant efficiency boost! 

Key Considerations 

It’s worth noting that EV Charging Load Management Systems typically function best when the power supply to EV chargers comes from the Common Property Electricity meter. This centralised approach ensures that EV chargers aren’t connected to individual owners’ private electricity meters, simplifying billing and management.  

In summary, EV Charging Load Management Systems are integral to the successful implementation of EV charging in apartment buildings. By effectively managing power distribution, they enable safe, efficient, and fair charging solutions for all residents. If you’re considering deploying JET Charge CORE in your building, please have a representative of your Owners’ Corporation reach out to us. 

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