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The electrification of Audi

8 October 2019

Four-ringed automaker Audi are determined not to be left behind as VW Group make the move to e-mobility. With a dual-focus on battery EV and plug-in hybrid technology, they’re planning to significantly boost their electrified lineup leading into the 2020s.

While they never suffered as hard as Volkswagen in the wake of dieselgate, Audi are right alongside them as their parent company VW Group moves toward electrification. 

The Audi mediacenter has published an ‘e-mobility road map’ with a wide range of claims supporting the shift including a promise for more than 30 electrified models and a 30% reduction in the company’s carbon footprint by 2025.

The specific ‘electrified’ models in question have not been confirmed, and neither has the inclusion of plug-in hybrids in that number. The ambiguity would suggest PHEVs are being counted. Audi are estimating e-mobility will account for approximately 40% of total sales in 2025.

The shift to electric mobility has been rocky for Audi so far. Their first full-EV model, the e-tron SUV, had 540 shipped units recalled earlier this year following reports of battery fires. The model’s Australian launch, initially tipped for this year, was pushed back to 2020 following the news.

Promoting the company-wide shift will be made easier by the allocation of 50% of their entire marketing budget to e-mobility, as well as a comprehensive dealership training program aimed to boost understanding of EVs in the Audi sales force.

Audi will also be working on battery reuse and recycling. Their partner company Volkswagen recently announced plans to manufacture and recycle their own EV batteries.

VW battery production on the way


Whether Audi’s move to electrification will happen on schedule remains to be seen, but for now it’s good to see another major German automaker promising tangible moves in the space. We’ll be keeping an eye out for some of those 30 new models in the near future.

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