JET Charge works with the Victorian Government on one of Australia’s largest EV transitions - JET Charge

JET Charge works with the Victorian Government on one of Australia’s largest EV transitions

15 June 2022

We are pleased to announce our appointment as the EV charging partner for the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Program within the Victorian Government. The project aims to electrify 400 existing passenger vehicles within the Victorian Government fleet and includes the installation of accompanying charging stations and load management technology across regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. Read on to find out more details on the project. 

The 2021-22 Victorian Budget allocated $15 million towards the transition of 400 small passenger vehicles to ZEVs in the Victorian Governments fleet over two years and to upgrade and install EV supply infrastructure as a part of the Government’s net zero and emission reduction measures, detailed within Victoria’s Climate Change Strategy and the Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap

JET Charge will be installing 400 7.4kW single phase ChargeMate chargers- all of which are manufactured in Victoria, in addition to several 75kW Tritium fast chargers.

Through a competitive tender process, JET Charge’s ability to facilitate large scale projects for fleets was, we believe, one of the key reasons the Victorian government chose us to lead the project.

Key Details of the ZEV project

  • 400 government fleet vehicles to transition to Zero Emission Vehicles
  • Installs to take place across regional and metropolitan Melbourne
  • 7.4kW single phase ChargeMate chargers to be installed
  • Additionally, several 75kW Tritium fast chargers

A Step Closer Towards a Low Emissions Victoria

The Zero Emission Vehicle project is another important step towards achieving the Victorian Government’s net zero by 2050 commitment. Continued government support of the transition to low emission vehicles and education on its benefits will further encourage similar projects to take place as Australia’s EV uptake continually projects to surge over the coming years. 

Our team looks forward to proactively future proofing the solution for additional vehicles- a key project and engineering deliverable, alongside cost reduction strategies- and demonstrating our depth of resources throughout the project’s timeline. 

For more information on the project head to the ZEV program webpage

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