Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid Charging

The Panamera E-Hybrid combines sports car performace with electric driving. Porsche E-Performance is everything that you expect from a Porsche. And more. 


Vehicle information

Electric Range:  25 - 51 km

Capacity (in kWh):  14.1 kWh


Charging information

Plug Standard:  Type 1 - J1772 (see plug types for more info)

Maximum AC charge rate:  30 A Singe Phase (with upgraded on-board charger)

Time to fully recharge (at 30 A):  3-4 hours

Charging Options

Every Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid comes standard with the Porsche charging equipment. This includes a portable charging unit as well as a charging dock to enclose the unit. However this device is not simply just a portable charger. It is flexible, allowing for use of multiple types of sockets providing charge rates of up to 30 A singe phase. 

The charging unit is not installed in once place and hence can be carried in the car. The unit comes with cables that allow charging from regular power points, allowing you to plug directly into a domestic socket no matter where you are. However charging in such a way limits the cars charge rate to 10 A.  

When the charging dock is installed, a higher current socket can also be installed. Options of 15 A or 30 A are available depending on whether the Panamera's upgraded on-board charger was purchased (30 A) and the electrical capabilities of the house. As well as faster charging rates, installing the charging dock also protects the charging unit and makes charging easy with a conveniently place charging station. 

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Next Steps - Installation

JET Charge are experts in the field of electrical vehicle charger installations. Our nationwide installer base can install anywhere across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

When you purchase a Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid, the Porsche charging unit and charging dock are included. To have the station installed,  get in contact with us. After this, the steps are as follows:

1.     JET Charge will contact you in the following few days to arrange a survey of the site and a quote for your installation

2.     JET Charge will arrange the supply of any additional hardware if required

3.     One of our qualified installers will visit your home and provide a complete quote. If you are happy with the price, they will carry out the install the same day


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