You want a charging station for your apartment that can track your usage, and you wanted it to work.

We recommend the Schneider Smart Wallbox, which has been fitted with components that last.  Fully integrated with Chargefox, it's perfect for any apartment. Available in any plug version or socket, single or three phase.


Schneider EVlink Wallbox

The Schneider Wallbox is our premium home charging unit.  Beautiful and elegant in style, the Wallbox is functional and would fit into any high end garage.



Experts in Apartment Electric Car Charging

With 10% of Australians living in multi unit dwellings (and growing), providing a scalable electric car charging solution in apartments is vital to the future of electric vehicle uptake.

We understand that 90% of the work is in the planning, and we've helped many owners corporations, property developers and electric vehicle owners sift through the regulations, permits and processes.

Because of our experience in this area, JET Charge can provide a turnkey charging solution that satisfies not only the needs of the electric vehicle owner, but also the owners corporation, strata manager, facilities manager and other Lot Owners.


Our technology takes your building further

Using next generation charging management software, Chargefox, we're able to help more of your Lot Owners charge, without upgrading your building's existing infrastructure.

Increase the value of your building by offering the latest in modern electric car charging facilities, but don't spend the ridiculous amounts of money required to upgrade the building's main electrical infrastructure.

Our technology is hardware agnostic and built on open standards, which means you're not locked into any one hardware manufacturer, and are free to swap out of our service if you are dissatisfied (though we doubt you will be!).


We go the extra distance.

JET Charge prepare proposals on behalf of electric vehicle drivers to their owners corporation and strata manager, completely free of charge. All you pay for is the installation (and hardware if required).

There is no catch. We do it because we recognise the importance of every single electric vehicle in our transition to a low emissions, high tech future.

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