One of the most critical things when it comes to EV charging is the ability for all buildings to provide the service, regardless of whether it's a 7 star new building or a historical building in the middle of the city.

JET Charge advises developers, building managers and owners corporation all around Australia on the best way to provide EV charging for its residents and tenants.



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We're not coy about what you need to know.

Whilst it's true that every building is different, our experience means that we can give you a guide as to the most common installations, their cost and timeframes.

We can advise on how to set up a new building, or how to retrofit an existing one.

Once you've taken our advice on board, we can supply the hardware, upgrade the electrical infrastructure, fit out the building and look after your residents and tenants.



We advise some of the biggest names in the industry, many of whom have engaged JET Charge to assess EV Charging strategy as a whole, which then filters down into individual buildings.

On top of this, JET Charge works with many body corporate managers to streamline EV Charging requests.

Lastly, because we interface daily with EV drivers across the country, we can strike a balanced arrangement between property groups, body corporate managers and drivers.




JET Charge has helped to create Chargefox, a next generation EV charging station management platform.  You can read more about it here.

Using Chargefox, we can ensure a single technology platform for multiple hardware vendors, so that you're not locked down any one manufacturer.

More than that, Chargefox allows billing, monitoring and preventative maintenance, so that the facility managers and owners committees don't need to do the hard job of tracking electricity usage.

Finally, Chargefox allows the building to load share existing electrical capacity, so you don't need to invest in a substation upgrade.

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Services you want.

We can provide a comprehensive turn key solution for any development.

Services include:

1. Site assessment and design

2. Electrical infrastructure consultation and design

3. Hardware supply

4. Installation of hardware

5. Communications and monitoring

6. Ongoing billing and maintenance.