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Hyundai Ioniq EV and PHEV gets long range version

22 January 2019

New grill for PHEV and Hybrid versions – courtesy of

The much vaunted Hyundai Ioniq range is getting a facelift for the 2020 model year, updating what was a controversial grill design. We haven’t seen the new grill design for the EV version yet, which we highly anticipate.

According to EV News Daily:

“The hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of the Hyundai IONIQ will receive their facelift first in July, two months later the electric version will get its.” report Pedro at PushEVs: “The battery capacity will increase from 28 to 38,3 kWh (37 %), while the range will increase from 280 to 378 km (NEDC), matching the Nissan LEAF’s (40 kWh version) range.”

The fact that the battery capacity increases by 37 % while the range increases “only” by 35 % makes EV News Daily conclude that the battery is slightly heavier, contributing for a minor efficiency decrease. Nonetheless, the ranges that matter are the realistic ones, being the WLTP and EPA. While the WLTP range should increase from 204 to 277 km, the EPA range should increase from 124 to 168 miles. Martyn says that 300 km (186 miles) in the summer and 250 km (155 miles) in the winter will be easily achieved.”

For Australia

With the Ioniq range only just launched in end 2018, it will be interesting to see what Hyundai decide to do in the Australian market. Sales are reportedly strong, with heaps of interest from both early adopters and corporate fleets. Certainly, our corporate customers are all banking on purchasing one.

At the launch of the Hyundai Ioniq in QLD

At the launch of the Hyundai Ioniq in QLD

We think they would be silly not to bring the longer range version to Australia as soon as possible. Price will be a major issue, with the current model just over $40,000, will the long range version cost more? Or will Hyundai wave their magic wand and keep pricing similar? One can only hope.

We had the pleasure of driving the Ioniq EV over 2 years ago now in Korea, and it has only gotten better. We can’t wait for the next one.

EV News Daily

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