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JET Charge trials the Hyundai Ioniq: Australia’s most affordable EV

22 February 2019

The stage is set for a big year from Hyundai. With an all-electric Kona and three models of the new Ioniq on the way, this could be the turning point for Australian EV from of the nation’s leading car retailers.

The year of the accessible EV

Hyundai’s EV push is well underway with the announcement of the dedicated electric Ioniq and Kona. It wasn’t so long ago that EVs were considered prohibitively expensive and impractical for Australians. Is that about to change in 2019? They certainly think so. The Ioniq is going to be Australia’s lowest-priced EV, and we were stoked when Hyundai lent us one for testing.

You’ll see how much fun we had in the linked video. While taking it for a spin we checked out some of the features that’ve got people excited for the Ioniq, including a charging station locator & navigation service, scheduled off-peak charging capabilities, and three levels of regenerative breaking.

You might also get an impression of how easy the Ioniq is to drive — Our team had a great time cruising around North Melbourne. The instant torque application ensures great acceleration & keeps the car tight around the turns. A single reduction gear keeps the workload down, allowing for an easy and consistent driving experience.

Range is everything with EVs, and the Ioniq’s streamlined profile keeps drag at a minimum

Price & prejudice

While Hyundai has done their best to lure in EV sceptics with a full range of features, it will likely be the pricing that draws most Aussies in. The Ioniq EV comes in at between $49,253-$54,078 drive-away — likely to go down as distribution increases nation-wide. That makes it Australia’s most affordable EV to date. With its low on-road and maintenance costs, it’s well within range of Australia’s most popular commuter cars.

That’s not to say EV is your only option. The Ioniq is available in three models; hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and the full EV we got to try out. The PHEV in particular is a great alternative for versatility and price. Around $5,000 cheaper than the EV model, its 63 km of EV range can cover short commutes while the 1.6L petrol engine provides peace-of-mind for longer excursions.

The Ioniq supports Type 2 plugs for fast, reliable charging

So will it change anything?

It’s hard to say what the Ioniq will do for EVs in Australia. We’ve always been a stubborn bunch, and price & range anxiety will likely remain an obstacle for the next few years as technology matures and infrastructure grows. For now at least we can be sure that this is a big step forward. Having the cheapest EV on the market is a major asset for Hyundai, and other carmakers are sure to take notice.

JET Charge will be following the developments closely as consumers get their hands on the Ioniq and the Kona. As Hyundai’s official recommended charging station installer, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible for new EV owners to get the charge they need around Australia.

Stay tuned for weekly updates to our blog. We’ve also got a bunch of educational resources on the way, as well as more test drives and video content for new EVs and charging tech!