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5 strange developments in electric mobility

8 November 2019

We’ve all heard of electric cars. We know about the scooters, bicycles, boats and even planes. But it doesn’t end there. Electrification has opened a wacky can of watts for the personal transport game, so today on the JET Charge blog we’re diving in to see what’s out there and where you can get it.

1. Electric snowmobile

Everything about snowmobiles is a nightmare for electrification. They’ve got to be light, maneuverable, with long ranges and low running temperatures. Not exactly ideal conditions.

That’s why the latest models from Taiga Motors are such an achievement. Their fresh line of electric snowmobiles, announced this June, are the first of their kind in a market known for extremely high emissions and terrible fuel efficiency. 

If snowmobiles can go electric, anything can


With 140 kms of range and a 2.9 second 0-100, the Atlas holds its own against the best snowmobiles on the market. We’re excited to see where Taiga goes next.

No news on where they’ll be available after their North American launch later this year, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up for an Australian release anytime soon. We’re much more likely to see Taiga’s other offering, the Orca electric jet ski.

Saving the weekend with electric jet skis


2. Electric off-road rollerblades

Who needs ankles anyway? Hopefully not anyone that has purchased these electrified rollerblades. 

Designed to travel up to 19 kilometres over rough terrain, these guys are the perfect gift for the man who has everything. At least they would be if you could still buy them. Let us know if you find a link to purchase a pair and we’ll update this list.

3. Electric hydrofoil surfboard

Hydrofoils are a mystery to us all, even when they haven’t been strapped to a 5000 W electric motor. Lift Foils have constructed exactly that and they haven’t cut any corners in the process. The eFoil is a $12,000 made-in-the-USA product.

Is it a hefty price for a toy? Yeah, but watching other people ride it is free. Just look at this guy try and fail to stay on top of one…

4. Electric unicycle

The future is here, folks, and it’s round. The uniwheel is an elusive beast for sure, but seeing one in the wild is a treat to the eyes. Do you stare at the hilarious thing itself or the leaning tower of confidence riding it? There aren’t many people with the self-assurance to rock the uniwheel, and it’s an even smaller group that are up to the task.

Introducing the Swagroller by Swagtron. That’s the real name.

And the uniwheel isn’t even the only mono-cycling personal mobility device out there. The Onewheel is just as ridiculous and is available for as little as $59-a-month. A bargain.

5. Electric penny farthing

Sometimes innovation means looking forward, but sometimes it means looking back. That’s how we got the e-Cyclopic, a foldable electric bike based on old-timey penny farthing design.

But what if you want something more reminiscent of the penny farthings we know and love? Like an actual penny farthing with an electric motor strapped to it? Well, thanks to the swytchbike electric conversion kit you can have one of those, too.

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