Autel Home EV Chargers - Reliable, Cost-Effective Solutions
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Autel Home EV Chargers: Reliable, Cost-Effective Charging Solutions

At JET Charge, we’re incredibly proud to bring you Autel home chargers.

Mainly for a home garage and light commercial applications, our range includes the Autel Wallbox MaxiCharger and the Autel AC Lite.

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Innovation and Practicality: Autel’s Promise for Australian EV Owners

Autel believes in the power of innovation and versatility to live at the intersection of technology and practicality. This means that for Australian home EV charging needs, the hardware product is ready for the conditions, trusted, safe and reliable after JET Charge testing.

Autel brings a focus on delivering lower cost per kilometre travelled and a lower total EV cost of ownership through value based charging hardware purchases.

Feel peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen an efficient and low cost sustainable transport solution to charge your EV.

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When it comes to choosing the right EV home charging solution, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s your EV, your way. We’ve curated a selection of recommended Autel chargers below that can meet your individual needs and preferences. 



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Why choose JET Charge for home EV charging?

Discover the best EV home chargers for convenience, speed, and future-proofing. Explore the powerful advantages of home charging for your EV. Step into tomorrow, charge up today, and explore the electrifying possibilities right from your doorstep!


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Fast Charging Speed and Convenience

Charge up to 3x faster with accelerated charging, without the charging station detours.

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Adaptable Solutions for Any Home

Schedule charging, monitor progress, integrate with solar, and enjoy adaptive charging.

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Expert Service and Support

⁠Our professional electricians are fast, respectful, and always tidy.

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Prioritising Safety in Every Installation

Enjoy a safe and reliable charging experience, assured by professional installation.

Local Autel Support and Reliable Installation

Autel is supported locally via JET Charge Australian local customer care team members, spare parts, charger hardware stock and warranties. The Autel comes with 3 year warranty for MaxiCharger AC Wallbox and 4 years for AC Lite. Our trained network of electrical installers offer safe and reliable installations across the country.

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