JET Charge Hardware


Quality charging infrastructure is the key to an easy and efficient charge for your EV. JET Charge are developing hardware tailored for Australian drivers’ needs and national requirements



A home charging station developed in-house at JET Charge for maximum flexibility and versatility. The Chargemate is modular and NMI metering approved, offered for rent Australia-wide.



A custom paywave terminal, compatible with all OCPP hardware and software. Designed & patented by JET Charge to provide an agnostic, seamless billing solution to clients & users.



JET Charge Core: Dynamic Load Management System


A whole-building dynamic EV load management system allows charging networks to be expanded without costly electrical infrastructure upgrades. The JET Charge LMS can be integrated with buildings’ SCADA systems, BMS, or EMS for data acquisition. It’s fully OCPP compliant for maximum flexibility in hardware and software selection. Offering EV charging in your buildings doesn’t have to mean tying yourself to one provider.


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