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Kempower’s Story

Finland based Kempower produce long-lasting, durable and user-friendly chargers aimed at achieving a cleaner and smarter future. Kempower are well versed experts in engineering hardware used in EV charging. Kempower have established themselves as a leader in EV charging solutions and are electric vehicle enthusiasts, designing and manufacturing DC fast charging solutions, covering all areas of transportation.

Our Partnership

Our CEO Tim Washington first came across Kempower on a YouTube video called ‘Test of Kempower chargers in Espa’ by Bjørn Nyland. Impressed by Kempower’s product quality, performance and passion for electric vehicle charging solutions, Tim persevered until a negotiated partnership was established at the beginning of 2022. The alliance will fast-track the rise of electric vehicles in Australia by integrating Kempower’s DC fast charging solutions in the interest of a low cost, zero emissions future.  This integration will be essential in ensuring Australia’s EV upsurge continues to prosper.

Why Choose Kempower?

  • Scalability – The Kempower cabinet systems allows simultaneous charging of up to 8 outlets, allowing you to sweat the asset and maximise charger utilisation.
  • Modular design – key equipment can be upgraded or replaced in minutes thanks to a rack mounted and modularised internal design.
  • Reliability – Kempower leverage more than 60 years in AC and DC power electronics to delivery charging systems with high uptime.

Kempower Charging Solutions

Kempower Power Unit
A scalable and modular solution, delivering up to 600 kW of total charging power to up to 8 Kempower Satellites dynamically.
Kempower AC Satelite
User-friendly, space-saving, and fast-charging AC satellites for all EV drivers.
Kempower Station Charger
A compact and modular fast-charging station
for electric cars, electric commercial vehicles, and electric off-highway vehicles.
Kempower Movable Charger
Transportable, stand-alone fast charger on wheels. Portable design for yards and workshops.

Head to the Kempower website to find out more.