First Australian Consumer Model S produced - JET Charge

First Australian Consumer Model S produced

21 July 2014

Finally!  We are underway.  The first Australian Model S cars have been produced.  From what we can ascertain, at least 2 Model S cars have been produced, and both will be in Melbourne.  

When would we expect to see them on our roads?

Well, there are two display cars in Melbourne already, so I imagine you’ll see them around anyway.  But for the consumer models, assuming that they board a vessel destined for multiple destinations (China, Hong Kong, Australia), it might take 6 weeks before the car gets to Australia.

Then you need to factor in customs clearance, delivery prep and the fact that these cars will probably be used for the launch event, we may be looking at mid September before these first few cars are on the road.  

One can only guess when the other signature cars, or indeed, the general production models will make their way to Australia.  My money is still on October, but it’s anyone’s guess!