JET Charge Chargemate

Smart charging infrastructure is essential for supporting the next generation of Australian EVs. The Chargemate is optimised for compatibility and flexibility, delivering hardware for use with any EV or OCPP-compliant software. Its compact and robust design make it ideal as a home, work, or apartment charging solution with the aesthetic flexibility to adapt to your needs.





Flexible Enclosure

The hardware behind Chargemate can be built into a range of enclosures for aesthetic and practical flexibility.

Variable Charge Rate

Charging rates can be set and adapted to meet your requirements


A networked smart charger with full OCPP compliance.Compatible with Chargefox and
industry standard software worldwide.

User Experience

Features an interactive user interface with live charging status display.


Chargemate’s Type 2 socket is compatible with all EVs sold in Australia via lead or adapter.



Contact JET Charge today for more information about customising Chargemate to suit your needs. Thanks to the principles of adaptability and flexibility that guide our research and development team, we’re confident that Chargemate can be optimised for any EV charging application.

ENE-HUB EVC Render - Black.jpg



Mounting Mode : Wall-mounted
Pedestal mounted
Rated Supply Voltage : 415 V AC 50/60 Hz
240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Socket Type : 1x Type 2 IEC-62169
Physical Communications Interfaces : Ethernet LAN connection
Modbus-485 Interface RS-232
Serial Interface
Input Type : Binary power limitation closing contact
Binary delayed charging closing contact
Control Type : Chargefox App and /or 3 push-button
Local Signalling : 1 LCD screen: status indication
Server Communications Protocol : OCPP 1.6J
Operating Mode : Networked/Standalone
Colour : Black




Home charging stations are the key to sustainable EV ownership. Chargemate is ideal as an efficient, unobstructive solution for homes throughout the country.


JET Charge have worked with tenants, stratas, and owners to bring EV charging to apartments Australia-wide. Chargemate was designed from the beginning as a solution to the payment, load, and delivery problems that come with large complexes.


Compliance and adaptability are essential to sound infrastructure investments, and Chargemate offers both to commercial EV fleets. Switching to electric today is easier and more cost efficient than ever before.


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