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JET Charge Join Over 100 Companies to Drive Change in the EV Industry

30 October 2022

We support the Australian government’s National Electric Vehicle Strategy, and alongside many of Australia’s industry leaders ask for it to include the following additions:

  • Fuel efficiency standards consistent with the USA, NZ and EU 
  • A collaborative EV industry development plan to boost investment in EV manufacturing, products and services 
  • A co-ordinated rollout of a charging network for cars, trucks and buses – with a focus on the regions, the suburbs, and high-density buildings 
  • Supporting more electric buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles for Australian businesses 
  • Economic modelling that factors in the many benefits of EVs including less pollution, improved public health, better fuel security, and manufacturing opportunities 
  • A goal to have 1 million EVs on Australian roads by 2027

Since 2013, we have been working to break down the barriers of EV charging. We are Australia’s leading end-to-end provider of EV charging technologies and believe all Australian’s should have equal access to fast charging infrastructure on the road to a zero emissions future.  

We believe these additions will further break down these barriers and accelerate EV adoption in Australia.

To learn more, head to the Electric Vehicle Council’s homepage.

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