Nissan Leaf Charging

As the most popular electric vehicle globally, the 100% electric Nissan Leaf is a leading example of the price point that the electric vehicle market should be aiming for. 


Vehicle information

Electric range:  117 km (2011 - EPA) to 172 km (2016 - EPA)

Capacity: 24 kWh (pre-2016 and 2016 S trim) to 30 kWh (2016 SL and SV trim)



Charging information

Plug Standard: Type 1 - J1772 (see plug types for more info)

Maximum AC charge rate: 27.5 A single phase (charger upgrade) or 15 A single phase (standard)

DC Charging Port:  CHAdeMo (only with SL trim model)

Time to fully recharge (at 27 A single phase):  5 hours (30k Wh models) to 4 hours (24 kWh models)


Charging Options

Every Nissan Leaf comes with a charging cable that can be used to charge the car from a domestic power point. However this will only charge the car at 10 A meaning to completely recharge, the process may take up to 14 hours (30 kWh models). Unfortunately there is currently no option to purchace a charging station with the car, but that's where JET Charge comes in. 

The Wallpod is a perfect charging station for charging the Nissan Leaf at home. It can offer charge rates of up to 27.5 A for the Nissan Leafs type 1 plug which will have the car fully charged in only 5 hours (30 kWh models). This will ensure the batteries are full every day and will eliminate and anxiety about charging range. 

Check out our Wallpod Page to get more details.


Source a charging station from JET Charge






Next Steps - Installation

When you purchase a Nissan Leaf, only a basic charging cable will be supplied. JET Charge can source an electric car charger to suit your needs and ensure you Leaf achieves better charge rate. To have a station installed,  get in contact with us and then steps are as follows:

1.     JET Charge will contact you in the following few days to arrange a survey of the site and a quote for your installation

2.     JET Charge will arrange the supply of any additional hardware if required

3.     One of our qualified installers will visit your home and provide a complete quote. If you are happy with the price, they will carry out the install the same day

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