Tesla Model 3 (2019)

The Tesla Model 3 is Australia’s most anticipated electric vehicle of 2019. Its success overseas signals things to come, and could be the turning point of the EV market in Australia.

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Type 2 and CCS2
  Type: Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
  Onboard charger: 11 kW
  Time to full charge (peak AC): 7.5 hrs


Whether it’s your first electric car or your fourth, it’s time to get excited for the impending arrival of your Tesla Model 3! We’ve put together some special packages for expecting Model 3 owners. Follow the links below to get ready for your ownership experience!

Public Charging Pack: Charging at home is convenient and simple, but sometimes you want to charge while you’re out and about as well. We’ve put together a bundle of our two most popular products, and given you an additional discount. With the Type 2 to Type 2 cable, you’ll be able to use any “Type 2 socket” charging station, such as the Schneider public charger (pictured below), available at sites like Woolworths. These are the most common public charging stations being rolled out across the country right now, and will be the standard for the foreseeable future. With the Type 1 to Type 2 adapter, you’ll be able to make use of the hundreds of older, but still functioning, Type 1 charging stations around the country. These two cables are indispensable for publicly charging your Model 3.

Home Installation: With unprecedented demand for the Model 3, our domestic installation team will be extremely busy. While we are ramping up our team to meet demand, we still think it’s a good idea to pre-book your installation. You get your Tesla home charging station in the boot of the car, so the earliest we’ll be able to come is the day of your delivery. By pre-booking, you can ensure we have a slot available on that day or the day after. You should know your delivery date about a week out from car handover.

Public Charging: We have put together a guide for public charging, which you can use to plan your next road trip. We are sure you’ll want to go for a long drive straight away in your Model 3. You can stick to the excellent Tesla Supercharging Network, or you can be more adventurous and use the hundreds of other charging stations compatible with your car. Why not do a road trip along the coast of QLD for example, using the excellent Yurika QLD Electric Highway, managed by Chargefox. Check it out below.




Every Tesla Model 3 comes standard with a Tesla High Powered Wall Connector as well as a Universal Mobile Connector. Australia is one of the only markets in the world where the wall connector comes standard and free with every vehicle. The Tesla charging station is flexible, where the charge rate can be adjusted to suit almost every house.

The charging station is the same as the one used for the Model S and the Model X, and, when connected to 3 phase power, is capable of delivering 11kW, or around 55km of range per hour of charge. On single phase power, its maximum output is 7.2kW, which can give around 35km of range per hour of charge.

The portable charging station can be plugged directly into a 10A GPO, and can add around 10km of range per hour of charge.

For public rapid charging, the Tesla can use any Combined Charging System 2 equipped charging station (such as the Chargefox network), as well as the Tesla Supercharger Network.

For public AC charging, the Tesla can use any Type 2 charging station. Type 2 socket charging stations require the use of a Type 2 to Type 2 cord, which is available here. You can also use older Type 1 (typically Chargepoint) charging stations using the adapter, which can be found here. JET Charge has put together a Tesla Model 3 charging pack, where you can get both of these cables for a bundle discount. You can find this here.



Regular electricity outlet
This charging method is suitable for travel and emergencies
32h 36m
Time to charge


Single-Phase, 16A
This charging capacity is lower than your car's full capabilities
20h 40m
Time to charge
Single-Phase, 32A
This charging capacity is lower than your car's full capabilities
10h 30m
Time to charge
3-Phase, 16A  
This charging station is the best fit for this car
6h 40m
Time to charge
3-Phase, 32A
This charging capacity is higher than your car can handle
6h 40m
Time to charge


Direct current (DC) connection for fast recharging
1h 30m
Time to charge

*All charge times listed are estimates only and are not endorsed by the manufacturer. Please refer to official specifications when purchasing an electric vehicle.



JET Charge is Tesla Australia’s longest serving EV charging installation partner, and also their highest ranking. We are able to provide home and business installation services across the country. Our installers carry all the equipment necessary to carry out most installations on the day, without needing to come back a second time.

As Tesla’s recommended installation partner, each installation is reported back to Tesla for quality assurance, and price assurance, purposes. That means we are subject to more rigorous quality control than a non-recommended installer.

All installations are subject to rigorous quality standards by the JET Charge team.

Book your installation today using the form below.

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Pre Book your Model 3 home installation

JET Charge are experts in the field of electrical vehicle charger installations. Our nationwide network can install anywhere across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

When you purchase a Tesla Model 3, the charging station is included. Contact us to have the station installed. Once the form is complete:

1. JET Charge will contact you in the following few days to arrange a survey of the site and a quote for your installation

2. JET Charge will arrange the supply of any additional hardware if required

3. One of our qualified installers will visit your home and provide a complete quote. If you are happy with the price, they will carry out the install the same day

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