JET Charge specialises in helping vehicle manufacturers bring their electric vehicles to market.

We understand that there are challenges with electric mobility, and that EV charging is something not all vehicle OEMS are familiar with.

That's why JET Charge offers a comprehensive end to end service, from day 1 strategy planning to end customer installation.

We're the only company that has done this multiple times, for multiple brands, in all segments.

That's why we're the preferred installer for 8 vehicle brands nationwide.



In a fast moving industry, it's hard to know who to trust and what advice to take on board.

Everyone claims they are the market leader - so how do you know who actually is?

Shiny website?  Slick brochures?

Sure - all of those things are par for the course, but when it comes down to it, we believe actions speak louder than words.

JET Charge have deployed more charging stations than any other company in Australia.

That's why we're trusted by more vehicle brands than any other company when it comes to EV charging.


Preparation is key.

JET Charge can provide a checklist of items that every manufacturer will need before introducing their electric vehicle.

Some of these start 18 months out from launch.

We prepare OEMs and their dealers with everything they need to maximise sales.

Customer journeys, site plans, marketing launches, logistics - all part of the myriad of challenges and opportunities that EV charging brings.

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Experience matters.

JET Charge's experience in EV charging infrastructure exceeds that of decades old electrical contracting companies.  Why?  Because it's the only thing we do.

Our single minded focus on it means we hold a deep level of understanding across electronics, customer behaviour, site selection, charging station firmware management and software deployment.

We've also carried out multiple national projects on behalf of vehicle manufacturers, both metro and rural.

We utilise this experience to the benefit of our customers, so as to ensure that vehicles are introduced smoothly, and sell well.

We invest, just like you.

At JET Charge, we believe that investment is key to success.  That's why we:

1. Invest in people, such as embedded systems engineers, so our clients get a more holistic service;

2. Invest in technology, such as our own charging station management tool, Chargefox, so our clients can ensure the best features for its customers;

3. Invest in processes, such as our Dealer portals, so that our clients can have live visibility and confidence in large scale domestic installations;

4. Invest in the environment, such as our tree planting program, so that none of us lose sight of what we're doing all this for.

Most of all, we invest in our clients.

Whether you're selling 10 units a year or 10,000, JET Charge will invest our time with any OEM brand to ensure that Australia gets its fair allocation of the electric revolution.

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Comprehensive services.

Our services for OEMs are comprehensive.

Core offerings include:

1. EV Charging strategy and roadmap

2. Dealer preparation

3. Hardware and Software supply

4. Domestic installation

5. Training


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