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Charging your Tesla at Home

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Tesla Model Range

Range: 650-660km

Battery: 100kWh

AC Charging Speed: 16.5kW

For optimal charging speed and convenience, JET Charge recommends installing a home charging station.

Range: 550-575km

Battery: 100kWh

AC Charging Speed: 16.5kW

For optimal charging speed and convenience, JET Charge recommends installing a home charging station.

Range: 455-514km

Battery: 60-82kWh

AC Charging Speed: 11kW

For optimal charging speed and convenience, JET Charge recommends installing a home charging station.

Range: 530-614km

Battery: 60-82kWh

AC Charging Speed: 11kW

For optimal charging speed and convenience, JET Charge recommends installing a home charging station.

How can we help charge your day?

Charger & Installation

Our certified electricians handle everything from start to finish, ensuring a hassle-free installation. We take care of the details, so you can focus on the road ahead.

  • A single-phase EV charger
  • All standard electrical components and connections
  • Charger mounting
  • Isolation switch installation
  • Four hours on-site for installation and testing
  • A certificate of electrical safety

Installation Only

If you already have a charger, we’ve got your installation covered. Streamline the process with our expert installation services.

Your journey to seamless EV charging from the comfort of home, starts here.

Charger Only

Already set up at home and just need the essential component to charge your EV? Our Charger Only option is for you.

At JET Charge, we’re proud of our partnerships with trusted brands like Tesla, Autel, Wallbox, and more. Discover the latest innovations tailored to meet your diverse charging needs.

Choose from our range of cutting-edge chargers to complement your existing set up.

Explore our range of EV chargers

When it comes to choosing the right EV home charging solution, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s your Tesla your way. We’ve curated a selection of recommended chargers below that can meet your individual needs and preferences. 


Gen 3 Wall Connector
by Tesla
An electric vehicle charging station, Maxi AC Wallbox by Autel, on an orange background. Best home EV charger in Australia.
MaxiCharger AC Wallbox
by Autel
A black electronic device with a blue screen with orange background - ChargeMate, the best home EV charger in Australia.
By JET Charge
An electric vehicle charging station, Wallbox Pulsar Max, on an orange background. Best home EV charger in Australia.
Wallbox Pulsar Max
by Wallbox


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5 easy steps to install your home charger

1. Get started
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2. Get a quote
To give you an accurate quote, we’ll ask you to send photos of your switchboard and preferred charger location.
3. Book your installation
Once you accept the quote, we’ll reach out to arrange an installation day that works best for you.
4. Installation Day
Our installer will arrive, set up, install and test your charger, and issue a certificate of electrical safety.
5. Ready, set, charge!
You’re ready to charge your EV and get driving.

Why charge my Tesla at home with JET Charge?

Whether it’s convenience, speed or future-proofing, discover the compelling reasons why home charging is the ultimate choice for powering up your EV. Step into tomorrow, charge up today, and embrace the electrifying possibilities waiting for you right from your doorstep!


Speed and Convenience

Charge up to 3x faster with accelerated charging, without the charging station detours.


Schedule charging, monitor progress, integrate with solar, and enjoy adaptive charging.


⁠Our professional electricians are fast, respectful, and always tidy.


Enjoy a safe and reliable charging experience, assured by professional installation.


What is the best way to charge my Tesla?

For the most convenient charging experience, we recommend installing a dedicated wall charger at home. Over 80% of Australian EV owners prefer this method because it’s faster and more efficient than using a regular power outlet.

How much does an installation cost?

Every house is unique when it comes to available on-site power and existing infrastructure. If your house falls into the category of a standard installation, it costs $858. If the house does not fall under a standard installation category, we’ll provide you with a quote for the additional work called “variations”. This cost can range from $100-$1000+. We’ll review photos of your home and mains to work this out.

What is and isn’t covered in a standard installation?

A standard installation covers residential properties with off-street parking and minor electrical work and generally includes:

1. A single-phase EV charger
2. A dedicated electrical circuit consisting of a 20 meter cable
3. Isolation switch installation
4. Electrical circuit protection installation
5. Electricians on hand for up to 4 hours to install and test

Non-standard variations include three-phase installations, apartment setups, major electrical works, trenching civil works, multi-story projects, and asbestos removal*.

*Our services do not include asbestos removal.

What is off-street parking and do I need it?

Off-street parking for EV charging refers to designated parking spaces located away from public roads, such as a garage or driveway within your premise. You will need off-street parking to install an EV charger at your home.

Do I need 3-phase electricity at home to install my charger? 

While 3-phase charging gives your charging a speed boost, it’s completely optional. Some EV models and chargers can tap into 3-phase power for quicker charging, but it’s all up to you.

Can I install an EV Charger if I rent the property?

Yes. If you’re renting the property, you have the option to install an EV charger, but you must obtain written approval from the property owner/landlord before proceeding with the installation.

Can I get a charger if I live in an apartment?

Apartment installations are a little trickier than standard household ones due to the need for body corporate approval. Each building is assessed individually, and the hardware may differ depending on the site’s requirements. If your installation is intended for an apartment, visit our Apartment Residents page for more information.

Will charging at home increase my electricity bill?

Yes, charging an EV will use more electricity, but it’s usually much easier on your wallet than traditional fuel. You can save more by charging during off-peak hours if you have variable rates with your electricity retailer.

How is a home EV charger installed?

When installing an EV charger at home, an experienced electrician will need to run a dedicated cable that is rated to handle the charger. They will also ensure that additional safety measures are completed in your switchboard. Installing a dedicated charger is the equivalent of installing 3 x 2.5kW aircon units, and it requires specialist work to be done to your electrical infrastructure.

What do I need to be aware of on Installation Day?

Installations take about 4 hours, and you only need to be onsite at the start and end. You can expect your power to be turned off for the duration of the installation. Our respectful and friendly installers are on hand to help if you have any questions.

Does the speed of charging vary?

The speed of charging your EV at home can vary depending on the power available, the vehicle model, charging equipment, and the service and installation rules of the state. Some states (QLD and SA) have a limit on maximum charging rates while others  (NSW, VIC, WA, TAS and ACT) don’t.

Can my charger charge other vehicles brands when I have a friend over with an EV?

Absolutely! Most EV chargers can charge any car that has a Type 2 socket. This is the standard plug type in Australia.

Can I charge my EV with solar?

Certainly! Yes, you can charge your electric vehicle (EV) with solar power. To do this, you would of course need solar panels on your property to generate electricity from the sun. We offer smart chargers with solar compatibility options.*

*Additional costs will apply

Who do I contact for help?

In case of any questions, contact our customer care team at or 1300 856 328.

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