You want a charging station for your home, and you wanted it to work.

We have scoured the market to secure the best charging station for your needs.  Each of these stations are available in a variety of configurations, from socket to corded, single phase to three phase.


The Wallpod is our cost effective charging station.  Made in the UK, all weather and available in a range of colour combinations. The most suitable stand alone unit on the market.

Schneider Wallbox

The Schneider Wallbox is our premium home charging unit.  Beautiful and elegant in style, the Wallbox is functional and would fit into any high end garage.

Delta AC Mini Plus

The Delta AC Mini Plus is available in conjunction with some vehicle manufacturers.  Available in single phase, it represents a robust domestic unit suitable for all cars.




JET Charge understands.

Imagine this.  You ask someone to come and install your home electric car charger.  They spend a couple of hours looking at the manual of the EV charger trying to figure it out.  After it's all done, they turn around to you and ask: "so why are you buying an electric car?"

This scenario is way too common.

At JET Charge, we are experts in electric cars and electric car chargers.  We've driven the cars, we've studied the manuals, and we've installed the chargers.  In fact, we've deployed more charging stations than any other company in Australia.  We can install any brand of EV charger for any vehicle.

Because of our specialisation in this market, we're the recommended installer for Tesla, Volvo, Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover and Renault.

We have helped thousands of customers charge their electric cars safely and conveniently; just check out our testimonials and gallery page to see some of our feedback.  Our Net Promoter Score consistently sits above 90 (a measure of overall customer satisfaction).

We install Australia wide.

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